Weddings at Stony Hill

St Lucia is one of the top wedding destinations in the Caribbean. The exotic hill top location of Stony Hill with well manicured lawns, edged by tropical gardens and fronted with the breathtaking views of Rodney Bay Marina and Pigeon Island on a backdrop of the Caribbean Sea – a view to be appreciated both day and at night; when the twinkling lights come to out to play, creates the perfect venue setting for a graceful, Caribbean wedding.

Stony Hill has the facilities to host both wedding ceremony and reception for small to large gatherings.


Getting Married in St Lucia

It is easy to get married in St Lucia. We can assist with setting up your first appointment with a local solicitor who would apply for the wedding license on your behalf.

The following original documents, for both the bride and groom, are required:

– Passports
– Immigration cards (issued when you land on the island)
– Original birth certificates
– Original Decree Absolute or similar legal document as proof of divorce.
– In the case of a widow/widower, original death certificate of spouse is required along with the original marriage certificate.
– If a name has been changed, original proof of Deed Poll is required.
– If one of the party is under eighteen years old, evidence of consent to the marriage from the parent(s) is required in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public.
– All documents must be translated into English.